Friday, December 31, 2010

October - December

Well hello there and welcome back to my Blog... I know it has been a while but man have I been busy! First it was Halloween, then US Thanksgiving with more visitors here and then Christmas. There is only so much fun this little kid can take and I get tired after all this activity each day. Alright so here is the update:

Halloween was a blast - I was all dressed up like a pumpkin and helped mummy and daddy hand out candy to kids until it was time for me to go to bed. I hope they celebrate this in Australia because it looks like a lot of fun.

In early November my auntie Brooke and Great Grandma Thompson arrived from Australia. It was so good to finally meet them and we had a lot of fun. Each of them held me, played with me, cradled me to sleep and helped out mummy whenever they could. Then we celebrated Thanksgiving at our Aussie friend's the Johnson's house. There we did this really dangerous thing called Turkey Frying where we deep fried a turkey outside. Mummy and Daddy said it was fantastic - Of course I did not get to taste it until the next morning for breakfast but it was good.

Into December we go and we got our first real Christmas tree. Daddy picked it up on the Base and brought it home before Auntie Brooke and Great Grandma Thompson left so they could see it. By the time Christmas rolled around there were a million little needles around the place but the tree was full of gifts. Christmas morning was a lot of fun too - I even helped open some gifts. I love my new toys, clothes and stuffed animals that everyone got for me... I hope those of you that got a calendar from me like it too! Just a little something for you to look at everyday :-)

We had a couple of Christmas parties to go to - One was at playgroup where I go every Wednesday to play and learn stuff. It was great! I even got a present and there was food for mummy and daddy. Then on Christmas day we went to Ted and Jen's place for Christmas meal. That was also a lot of fun... We had turkey and ham and all sorts of yummy desserts that mummy had made. It even started to snow that night because I had my first sleep over at my girlfriend Victoria's house... It snowed and snowed until it was nearly to the top of the outdoor table. So we had to stay another night at Ted and Jen's because the roads were too bad... Then we had a power outage so daddy and Ted had to get a generator running for the night. What an event!

I guess I should wrap things up here but I have compiled a list of all the major things that I achieved over the past 2 months... Man I tell ya, I am getting good at stuff!

1. I slobber... A lot!
2. I started to roll on my side and now it is the most comfortable way to sleep at night!
3. I rolled over onto my tummy on Dec 24th... I haven'r worked that one out again though!
4. I love sitting up so mummy bought me a toy seat!
5. I can blow raspberries when mummy and daddy show me. That's a lot of fun!
6. I met Santa! 

That is about it for now... Upcoming events - We are going to a New Years party (don't think I will make it to midnight) and then January we do not have that much planned. But Nanna and Grandpa Thornton arrive in February for a bit so more pampering for me...

Love you all,

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  1. Hi Jayden,
    So glad to see I made it to your blog!! I can't believe you put on the picture where I was showing you some leg!! That was meant to be for your eyes only :)Don't worry too much, Daddy took pictures of Charlotte and I in the bath together tonight....naked, and they are going on our blog!! I'm so glad you had a good time sleeping over at Christmas, maybe we could do it again sometime?? When is our next milk date??
    Lots of Love and kisses
    Vicky xxoo