Pictures (Birth - 6 Months)

Mummy and Daddy decided last last year that it was time to have a baby and so the journey began in late November. For the first trimester I made Mummy feel a little sick but never to the point where she was literally sick. 

The second trimester I started to make my mark on the world by growing and having Mummy's belly grow. Finally in the third trimester I grew even more, started kicking and turning in Mummy's tummy and showing her just who was boss during this time.
My mummy and daddy decided that it was time they went to the hospital at about 5am on Friday August 27th 2010. Mummy had been feeling me kick for about 12 hours by now - And you would have thought she got the point. Either way we all made it safe and sound to the Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital and got into the Labor room. It then took about another 11 hours until I decided that I was good and ready to come out - Oh and I made it a little more difficult on mum as I had mistakenly turned myself face up for the birth. Note to self 'stay awake during the pre-natal classes instead of kicking on mum's bladder'.

After the birth I was cleaned up and taken to Mummy and Daddy's recovery room. There I learned how to eat outside of the womb and made a valiant effort at dirtying my first nappies.  

Unfortunately due to the long labour that I put Mummy through and the fact that I was sunny side up, I bruised my head quite badly and got jaundice. It got so bad that they had to put me in the NICU under what they call bili lights to help get my levels down. After a few days though I came through and was allowed to go home with Mummy and Daddy. 

I got to see my home for the first time on Tuesday August 31st, a whole 5 days after I was born. But I gotta tell ya, this place looks great. Mummy and Daddy have been hard at work preparing this place for me. 

 They have done a fantastic job with the colours and theme in my room and they have a little bed set up beside theirs so that they can tend to my every need. 

  I also got my first sponge bath this past week which was a bit of fun too. 

Oh and Nan and Pop (Mummy's Mummy and Daddy) arrived here on Friday. They have traveled all the way from Down Under (A place I think I get to go to sometime) to see me and help out wherever they can. They are a lot of fun too because it is someone new that I can see and play with.

I have been been the centre of attention with most people that I meet. I  got a chance to meet the other Aussies that are out here and they seem to love me. I hope we see and hear more of them because they have a weird accent - It is different to everyone else around here, even Daddy's.


My first week sure has been very tiring...

My entire day entails eating, sleeping and pooping; Oh and meeting everyone... Daddy gets to change my nappies and Mummy has been doing a great job feeding me. I eat about every 3 hours during the day and every 4 at night so that Mummy and Daddy can get some rest. But now I am getting tired so thanks for coming by to see me and come back soon. Hopefully I will update this in about a month or so!

October Additions
Do you think they are proud grandparents?!!
This is my new bouncer than Nan and Pop bought for me!
I love hitting the animals (even if it is by fluke)... It cracks me up!
I loved meeting Nan and Pop, they were fantastic helping Mummy and Daddy out
If I don't have my dummy, there are always my fingers!
I rock this beanie!!! Personally made by Great Nanna herself
My first real bath!!!

I love tummy time too...
Can't fault this pretty face!!!

Who are those funny looking people taking my picture?
Meet my new girlfriend... Victoria. She's an Aussie chick (scoooore)!!!
This was one of Auntie Catharine's gifts... The nose quacks!
This is my new play gym. I love all the black and white toys... And the mirror!
I was a little late for State Of Origin but 'Go the Mighty Blues!!!'
I love bath time... I even help by trying to sit up for Daddy!
Till next time... I'll leave you with a smile!!!

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December Additions

I got my first immunisations...mum said I was very brave, but I have to admit it did hurt a little bit!! Mum cried too!!

What are all these funny orange things???

My first Halloween!!

So serious!!

I love reading this board mum made for me!!

Is this I look good??

We went and saw dad's work!

It's raining leaves...

At playgroup...

I made turkeys with my hands!!

I'm down with that!!

My Aunty and now fairy godmother!

Jayden smile like Aunty Brooke!!

My great grandma came to visit too..we liked to sing patty cake!!

Everything looks better upside down!!

Again many pictures do you want!!

I got to ride on the horse the last time I was at playgroup!!

Merry christmas everyone!!

I like sitting now..still get tired after a little while though..

My first time meeting Santa Claus...He wasn't that bad!!

Helping dad open his present from me!!

I love my present from nanna and grandpa...I can even lift it up with my legs!!

This is my favorite sleeping position...on my side with hands up at my face! So cute!!

I had my first sleep over at my girlfriends place and the snow meant we had to stay another night!!

My daily exercises!!

Look at all the bright lights!!

 I certainly have found myself a looker...we even held hands!

Mums christmas present means we can go for rides together!!