Sunday, May 15, 2011

January - May

Holly smokes has it been a while since I last updated everyone... This will have to be just a long one I guess. This edition will include a visit from Nanna and Grandpa Thornton, a Trip to Disney World with my cousins and a bunch of stuff about me and how I am going lately - So here we go!!!

In January we had Mummy's big 30th birthday bash! Jenn and Ted supplied the venue and I kept it a secret with Daddy. There were lots of people there to celebrate and I think Mummy had a very good time. She even got the present she really wanted - an Apple iPad which I like playing with too!

In February Nanna and Grandpa came to visit. They were here for a week and we kept it pretty low key around the house but it was great to finally meet them. I pretty much smiled and played with them both as much as I could before they had to leave. I also got my first tooth in February - It is one of the bottom ones but now I have 2 on the bottom and probably have a few on the top about to break through soon.

One of the big achievements in February was that I started on solid foods... Mummy started me on rice cereal which I wasn't too sure off but I slowly got the hang of it. I now eat like I have a hollow leg and have and have started pretty much every vegetable and I even tried ground chicken. Mummy has to mix the chicken in with other stuff to mask the texture because I do not like it - I know she does it but I just play the game!

In March I continued to grow, eat more, and making more noises. We also went on our first family trip to Orlando Florida. It was my first plan ride and Mummy and Daddy said that I did very well on the planes. In fact I even got compliments from other passengers on the plane. I got to meet my Great Auntie Jen and Laurie and my Cousins Ava and Kate who met us there... We got to go to all the theme parks and I got to meet a lot of characters there like Mickey, Goofy and Winnie the Pooh. I even went on my first ride (It's A Small World) and I loved it so much. Then near the end of the trip I went for my first swim in the big kids pool at the hotel.

April was a month that we could just sit back and relax a little from everything that had been happening lately. I continued to grow up and make more noise, eat new foods but then I decided that I did not like sleeping through the night much - Much to the dismay of Mummy and Daddy! I have continued to go to Rhyme Time on Tuesdays and Playgroup on Wednesdays and have recently started swimming lessons at the local dive shop... We go once a week on Saturday mornings - Mummy and Daddy alternate weeks with me in the pool. I even went under the water this past Saturday but I don't think I want to do that again anytime soon.

On of the big events this month was Mummy's first Mother's Day! Daddy and I went out and got Mummy a Spa Treatment certificate so she can go and relax and be pampered. It's the least we could do with everything that Mummy does for me. We also got her some flowers and a couple of cards - I think she enjoyed her relaxing day!

So now we are into May and I still have not started sleeping through the night again. Great Grandma and Grandpa and Great Auntie Llana get here next weekend for a week and then we head on our West Coast trip with Jen, Ted, Charlotte and Victoria - 3 weeks in a RV is going to be so much fun. Guess I will have to update you all after that - So until then I hope you are all well and I hope to talk to you all soon. I have added some more photos to the blog - They are all large photos too so click on them to bring up the larger image in case you want to print some.

Love to you all,
Jayden xoxoxox

Friday, December 31, 2010

October - December

Well hello there and welcome back to my Blog... I know it has been a while but man have I been busy! First it was Halloween, then US Thanksgiving with more visitors here and then Christmas. There is only so much fun this little kid can take and I get tired after all this activity each day. Alright so here is the update:

Halloween was a blast - I was all dressed up like a pumpkin and helped mummy and daddy hand out candy to kids until it was time for me to go to bed. I hope they celebrate this in Australia because it looks like a lot of fun.

In early November my auntie Brooke and Great Grandma Thompson arrived from Australia. It was so good to finally meet them and we had a lot of fun. Each of them held me, played with me, cradled me to sleep and helped out mummy whenever they could. Then we celebrated Thanksgiving at our Aussie friend's the Johnson's house. There we did this really dangerous thing called Turkey Frying where we deep fried a turkey outside. Mummy and Daddy said it was fantastic - Of course I did not get to taste it until the next morning for breakfast but it was good.

Into December we go and we got our first real Christmas tree. Daddy picked it up on the Base and brought it home before Auntie Brooke and Great Grandma Thompson left so they could see it. By the time Christmas rolled around there were a million little needles around the place but the tree was full of gifts. Christmas morning was a lot of fun too - I even helped open some gifts. I love my new toys, clothes and stuffed animals that everyone got for me... I hope those of you that got a calendar from me like it too! Just a little something for you to look at everyday :-)

We had a couple of Christmas parties to go to - One was at playgroup where I go every Wednesday to play and learn stuff. It was great! I even got a present and there was food for mummy and daddy. Then on Christmas day we went to Ted and Jen's place for Christmas meal. That was also a lot of fun... We had turkey and ham and all sorts of yummy desserts that mummy had made. It even started to snow that night because I had my first sleep over at my girlfriend Victoria's house... It snowed and snowed until it was nearly to the top of the outdoor table. So we had to stay another night at Ted and Jen's because the roads were too bad... Then we had a power outage so daddy and Ted had to get a generator running for the night. What an event!

I guess I should wrap things up here but I have compiled a list of all the major things that I achieved over the past 2 months... Man I tell ya, I am getting good at stuff!

1. I slobber... A lot!
2. I started to roll on my side and now it is the most comfortable way to sleep at night!
3. I rolled over onto my tummy on Dec 24th... I haven'r worked that one out again though!
4. I love sitting up so mummy bought me a toy seat!
5. I can blow raspberries when mummy and daddy show me. That's a lot of fun!
6. I met Santa! 

That is about it for now... Upcoming events - We are going to a New Years party (don't think I will make it to midnight) and then January we do not have that much planned. But Nanna and Grandpa Thornton arrive in February for a bit so more pampering for me...

Love you all,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Month #2

Hello everyone... Well the end of September and my one month birthday have come and gone. During this time Nan and Pop got to spend as much time with me as they could. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and at the start of October it was time for them to go home. This meant that I got to make my first trip to the airport - Where there were lots of people staring at me as if I was a superstar!

During the past month I have grown up and changed dramatically. Here's a list of all of my achievements:
  1. I am now a MASSIVE 12.5Lbs and just under 24" in length.
  2. I finally lost my umbilical cord last week and had my first real bath (I really like them too)
  3. I sleep in my own room from just after dinner until about 8 in the morning (with feeds in between)
  4. I now tell mummy when I want to eat as I have finished my first growth spurt
  5. I have started to try and communicate with mummy at around lunch time while we play
The weather has changed  a lot here and it has started to get a little cold. Now that I can wear pants, mummy dresses me up nice and layered so that I stay warm.

Mummy and I have been on a number of outings together which have all given mummy more confidence in her ability to take care of me outside of the house and on her own... She does a fantastic job and I am more than comfortable going for coffee with the Australian wives and showing off just how cute I really am.

I am also very photogenic and videogenic. I have over 500 photos taken of me and about 15 mins of video footage. Hopefully on the photos page you will see some of the updates!

Oh yeah and now I have a girlfriend... Mummy and Daddy's friend Jenn and Ted had a baby girl a few weeks back named Victoria. We were set up from the first day we met - She was the about the same size as me at birth but man does she have a set of lungs on her!

Anyway I guess that is about it... So check out the new photos in the Birth-Whenever page - I have annotated a date and page break so you know when the new ones start.

Oh yeah and one more thing after their first game last night: GO OILERS GO

Talk to you all soon. Hugs and Kisses,